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Sierra, a young dryad living in the modern human world, must bridge the gap between her mystical heritage and the digital world to save her home grove from the raging wildfires. As she uncovers the hidden power of her digital bond tree, Sierra must confront not only the destructive forces of nature but also her own fears of rejection and the tension between tradition and innovation. With the fate of her grove hanging in the balance, Sierra's journey will challenge her to discover the true magic of connection in the digital age.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Kyrnin is a professional web designer and web developer with over 25 years experience in the field. She has written seven books on web design and HTML as well as writing and starring in several video courses for Pearson Education. Her short fiction has appeared in Meniscus Journal and the DreamPunk Press Anthology, Blame it on the Pumpkin. She is currently working on a novel about computer-literate dryads called Digital Dryads. Jennifer lives on a small farm outside Seattle with her family and lots of animals.

Connect with Jennifer

Jennifer is online nearly every day and she'd love to talk with you about fantasy, web design, or just the weather.

Other Books

Tailspin The Awakening

A Dragon Tail's Tale

Tailspin the Awakening

I am pleased to announce that the free novella, "Tailspin The Awakening" will be available to anyone who joins my newsletter.

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Blame it on the Pumpkin

A short story collection released in October 2022, featuring spooky stories related to Halloween. It includes the story "Vampire Gourd" by Jennifer Kyrnin.

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Works in Progress

Look for these upcoming novels and stories.

  • JavaScript for Dryads - a gentle introduction to programming that anyone can do
  • Druid Yourself Manual - what would you do if you could turn into a bear?
  • "Tortoise v Bears" (working title) - a steampunk short story
  • "Love Burns" - Dragons need love, too
  • "Where Pugs?" - Flash fiction about moons and dogs.

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